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That is great! It is very outside the box. I can see where Jason gets it.

Sometimes we forget that there is just one Church. I read through the first 350 years of church history last week, and one thing that stood out to me about the early church was how important unity was. This is a great idea to get people to remember that we are all in this together.

Josh Surratt

Wow! Take what is normally one of your bigger weekends and direct people from your congregation to other churches so that they can be a blessing to them. That sounds like a God thing to me! I love that you guys are willing to say "yes" to God no matter how crazy it seems. Thanks for modeling obedience to the rest of us! God bless you friend.


I am praying for you guys! I can't wait to hear the reports back from the people of the River as this stretches them and creates an opportunity for growth in their vision of God's Greatness as well as the mission at hand.

We miss you guys! I have been so homesick for the River this week. Pray for us as the new semester begins.

For His Glory,


This sounds like a huge step in the right direction. I want to affirm the decision and the action to make it a reality. I applaud your desire to follow Jesus even when it hurts and your courage to make a tough call. I'm glad you are my friend.

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