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Thx Missy. as we have said many times, "God can hit straight licks with crooked sticks". We're a congregation of "crooked sticks" hoping He will use us to help others.
Thx for the kind words.



Wow!! Do I need THAT BOOK!! :O) The River has been so healing for my family! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU LORD! and Thank you Curt for being a humble servant!! There are so many humble servants of Jesus at The River and my family is so blessed to join ya'll! :O) I love learning to become 'SAFE' and making those relationships around us 'SAFE'. WE ARE GETTING THAT BOOK FROM THE RIVER'S BOOKSTORE WHEN WE CAN AFFORD IT! :O)


Thx to both of you for your kind words about the River.Please pray that we will balance truth and safety in such a way that He will be honored and pleased.



I experienced an abundance of love and grace through Riverbluff MOPS and the women I met there were the main reason why my family and I became regular attenders at "The River." In our 8.5 years of marriage my husband and I have lived in 6 different cities and 4 different states. Moving to SC from Texas less than four-months after our son was born was very difficult, yet so many blessings came from it. Through MOPS I met friends who reached out to me and my family and helped me through a very trying struggle with Postpartum Depression. They hardly knew me, but they certainly loved me. We have now found a small group and are blessed to be plugged in at the River. We're not sure how long Charleston will be our home, but for as long as it will be we are honored to worship at the River. Thank you for your genuine leadership and heart for the truth.


And those of us who have needed a safe place thank God for the River and for you! "Extra grace" is a picture of what our Savior has offered to us and His grace changes lives as He uses people like you and those you lead. We love you for many reasons, but we especially appreciate that you demonstrate what grace looks like and call us to be grace-givers.

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