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You are amazing. Never seem to let yourself settle into a rut. Always asking what to do next. Where God is leading you. That inspires me.


I cherish the people, the friends, the relationships and my entire time at the River. The time has come to move on. I have learned so much about church and the Church at the River. My faith has grown, my spiritual walk gone deeper, and yet I feel like I have so much more to learn. But God is sending me out... It's not Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East etc.. But I am confident that God has a mission for me in Charlotte. I will go, a little sad to be away from the River, yet confident in the training I've received under your leadership and the rest of the leadership at Riverbluff Church. I'm on my way to being an FDFX and I pray I will continue along in the process. I'm a little further down the road (using the metaphor you have so many times) as a result of Riverbluff. I hope that I'm influencing people to do the same... including making the step to merge onto the roadway. Riverbluff is and is becoming that kind of Church...outward focused and internally strong...for the sake of the Kingdom. I am grateful to have been a part of the ride. Look me up when it's time to start the satellite congregation in Charlotte :-)

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