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The Apostle Paul was uncompromising on the truth, but his sensitive side also shows up in his writings. In our busy, self-centred world, we need to remember those who have made a difference in our lives, and when they come to mind, pray for them, and find a way to say ‘thank you.’

Establish and increase your faith carefully choosing the Biblical values against which all of life is judged. Yes, you are human, and you will struggle with situations which demand that you choose between what you want to do and what you ought to do. Walk with God and maintain your integrity, and you will be able to make the right choice every time. Visit and may God richly bless you!


Thanks !

Michele Reneau

Curt-It's hard for me to envision you losing your joy. You get to wake up next to a Joy every morning, right? Maybe it's been the Reneau departure, Jason and Heather's families contributing to it. Just kidding. On a serious note, I think we all go through this phase. Thanks for the reminder to always look up and remember where our source of joy is!
Love from the Reneau family.

David Britt

What a great word pastor.


I am thankful for this reminder! He is my source of joy!


I read this with tears in my eyes.

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